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Latana is the first brand tracking tool to use advanced data science to ensure reliable and accurate brand insights.
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Latana empowers brands with the most reliable, accurate insights they need to succeed.

Our brand analytics provides access to precise data, niche audiences and competitor analysis.
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Latana Can Help you Build your Brand

Improve Brand Performance

Reliable brand insights and trustworthy information. All you need to understand progress and focus on the things that work for your brand.

Get the Scoop On your Audience

Find out what your audience thinks about your brand. Get inside their minds and build striking campaigns they connect to - even for niche audiences.

Leave Competitors Behind

The Latana user wins the race! Catch up with your competitors, learn more from them and and leave them eating your dust. Are you ready to win?

Track Brand Performance
- then Make it Better.

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Grow your business by using brand analytics to precisely measure brand performance.

With Latana you will be able to:
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Measure the growth of your brand awareness

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Understand how consumers perceive your brand

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Measure brand performance across your target audiences

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Gain from competitor comparison

Latana Benefits

Advanced Data Science for the Best Brand Tracking Results

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Latana provides deep insights like no other. We use MRP to:
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Provide access to 1000s of audiences, even the most niche, rather than the standard 2-3

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Obtain a ~4% margin of error even for niche audiences where others manage ~20% at best

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Stabilize 6+ variables that detect real word changes instead of the standard 2 variables

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Use at least double the sample size as the others at 1,000+ respondents

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What our clients say

“Latana is a game changer for us and has provided us with invaluable insights about the market space, our customers and how they perceive us. The value for money is unheard of in this space.”

Head of Marketing
Consumer Goods, Berlin

“We operate in numerous extremely competitive and fast-paced markets. Tracking our brand and how we fare against disruptors and incumbents is vital to our local strategy. Now Latana is delivering that insight at a price that we can afford for the very first time.”

Head of Performance Marketing
Online marketplace for housing, Berlin

“We were looking for an alternative for the big research institutes. Latana is providing consumer insights fast and straight-forward for a reasonable price. Worth to test it also for small brands.”

Sigrid Bachert
General Manager
Thomas Henry
F&B Industry, United Kingdom

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