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Rich audience segmentation with 1000s of audiences

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High precision, even in niche audiences

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Real-world changes tracked using advanced data science

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Intuitive dashboard that shows important KPIs

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An entire wealth of data to explore

Pricing Plans


€ 950

per country per month
For brands who want a first insight into how audiences perceive them
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data update
  • 5 competitor brands
  • 1 custom audience characteristic
  • 4,500+ annual sample size


€ 1,950

per country per month
For brands that want to capture the impact of frequent marketing campaigns
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data update
  • 7 competitor brands
  • 2 custom audience characteristics
  • 7,500+ annual sample size
  • Suggested audiences
  • Dedicated Account Manager


€ 3,950

per country per month
For fast growing brands in rapidly changing environments that focus on monthly trends
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‍data update
  • 9 competitor brands
  • 3 custom audience characteristics
  • 19,500+ annual sample size
  • Suggested audiences
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Executive summaries
*Minimum term: 12 months
**10% discount if paid annually upfront

What Our Clients Say

“Latana is a game changer for us and has provided us with invaluable insights about the market space, our customers and how they perceive us. The value for money is unheard of in this space.”

Head of Marketing
Consumer Goods, Berlin

“We operate in numerous extremely competitive and fast-paced markets. Tracking our brand and how we fare against disruptors and incumbents is vital to our local strategy. Now Latana is delivering that insight at a price that we can afford for the very first time.”

Head of Performance Marketing
Online marketplace for housing, Berlin

“We were looking for an alternative for the big research institutes. Latana is providing consumer insights fast and straight-forward for a reasonable price. Worth to test it also for small brands.”

Sigrid Bachert
General Manager
Thomas Henry
F&B Industry, United Kingdom

“Using Latana means that we can be confident we are moving in the direction that we want, while also identifying any gaps in our strategy. We’ve never had a solution before that provides such an in-depth makeup of our audience and we love it!”

Bobby Richardson
Offline Marketing Lead

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How am I charged for using Latana?
You can choose to pay either monthly or annually up front, which saves you 10% on your Latana bill. Regardless of the plan, upgrades (e.g. additional countries, brands or audiences) are possible on the go.

How do I switch to a different plan?
You can easily switch to a different plan by reaching out to your Account Manager. We can upgrade you in no time!

What type of support is available to Latana users?
Somebody from Latana is always happy to answer any questions you might have. You can email your Account Manager directly or send an email to We are available from Monday to Friday from 8-18 CET and we usually respond within 24h.

How many seats are provided?
You can have unlimited seats for your organisation, as we want to maximise the value you get out of Latana.

Can we cancel at any time?
After the initial minimum period, the contract can be terminated at 14 days notice prior to the beginning of the next quarter.

What if I have more questions?
We'd be happy to answer them at

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