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Why measure
brand performance?

Understanding your brand performance is key to proving the impact of your brand activity and generating growth within your target market.

Brand investment is a key driver for sustained growth

The value of a brand is determined by its perceived quality from customers. A high value brand equity can result in the ability to increase prices, drive loyalty and sales. Research shows that price premiums can be increased by 26% with good brand reputation as well as helping gain market share from competitors.

But most companies waste resources due to ineffective marketing strategies

80% of marketers believe up to 40% of their budget is wasted due to ineffective planning and strategy. This reduces the impact that a brand can have if their budget is not fully optimised and with 87% of companies not investing in ongoing marketing tracking, the ability to optimise is hindered by access to performance data.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”

Peter Drucker

Smart analytics can boost the return on marketing spend by 10-20%

With the right analytics tools marketers are able to access their brand performance data in order to make smarter targeting and campaign decisions which will drive growth and prove the value of brand to the business.

Smart analytics impact your ROI by 10–20%

What if you could see how many people became aware of your brand in the last 3 months?

Latana gives you visibility to your brand data across awareness, perception, consideration, understanding and more. You can see how your brand performs such as how has awareness grown in my market? What segment is looking to buy a product like mine? What does our target market look for when making a purchasing decision?

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