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Better data

Generating industry-leading data quality

The success of your brand is based on your target audience’s perception of it, which can be difficult to measure accurately. Latana prides itself to be working with cutting-edge technology and research methodologies to deliver the most reliable insights across the industry.

Accurate answers

Get more accurate insights through better survey design

Bad surveys lead to bad data. To ensure the feedback we’re collecting on your brand is honest and free from bias we’ve created short, mobile-optimized surveys that have higher completion rates than traditional surveys.

Higher engagement and wider reach with mobile optimized surveys

Standardised UI with fewer distractions

Optimized questions to reduce bias

Eliminating fraud

Receive honest answers without incentives 

Paying people money to answer surveys undermines data quality by encouraging speeding, rewarding random clicking, and attracting fraud. We don’t reward our participants, resulting in honest answers from real people.

Getting honest answers by removing incentives for speeding

Taking the fraud out of survey research

Representative results

Access billions of consumers through ad-based sampling

We’ve built the world’s most powerful non-incentivized programmatic bidding platform to access billions of consumers around the world through the global ad ecosystem. This gives us unprecedented reach and representation.

Access to 50 billion ad impressions per day and 3 billion consumers

Coverage of 190+ countries and 2,000 cities, regions, and designated market areas

Sample stability

Use machine learning to hold sample composition stable

When tracking brand metrics, it’s critical to ensure that movements over time are reflective of real-world changes in people’s perception of the brand, and not the result of changes in sample composition.

Machine-learning algorithm to detect and hold stable key demographic and psychographic segments

Low margins of error

Increase accuracy through Bayesian statistics

Drilling down on niche audiences can be unreliable with classic research. We use millions of data points per brand to generate probabilistic estimates with highly reliable results even for small segments.

Margins of error below 1%

Reliable segmentation on niche audiences

Unparalleled precision

Accurately track changes over time

Small percentage changes can imply large shifts in absolute population numbers. We use extensive demographic and other profile data to convert brand performance data into absolute population numbers.

Conversion into absolute population numbers

Trend-line model to track small changes

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