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How does Latana generate brand insights?

Measuring brand performance accurately is difficult. We’ve re-invented data collection to provide industry-leading insights.

Step 1

Make it easy for people to answer questions

We run surveys with short and intuitive questions that are optimized for a mobile experience.

All questions are extensively tested to reduce biases including agreement, order, cognitive overload, uncertainty, social desirability, and many other types.

The question format is highly standardized to ensure consistent quality across markets and industries.

Step 2

Access billions of people through digital advertising networks

We use the global ad-tech infrastructure to access a sampling frame of over 3 billion people every day, which gives us unprecedented reach and representation.

To increase response quality, we do not incentivize people to answer surveys.

Step 3

Improve response quality through machine learning

Our machine learning algorithm is trained to detect unreliable click behavior to weed out inaccurate responses.

It also automatically identifies and cleans out answers that are likely to be biased.

Step 4

Increase precision through Bayesian network analysis

For every brand, we feed millions of data points into probabilistic models to get reliable estimates even for small segments

We use multilevel regression and poststratification to hold sample composition stable and correct for non-response bias.

Step 5

Convert results into concrete population estimates

We use extensive demographic and other profile data to convert brand performance data into absolute population numbers.

Our trend-line model enables you to reliably track even small changes in key performance metrics

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