September 4, 2019

The Most Popular Vegan Food Brands in Germany

by Laura Harker

Vegan food brands are taking over the world but have the most power in Germany. Find out which vegan food brands are the most popular here.

Vegan Food Brands: Who Ranks Best For Brand Awareness and Consideration?

Remember when vegans were considered a minority group? And vegan food brands were relatively unheard of?

Even though that wasn’t too long ago, things have definitely changed, and veganism is benefiting from a boom in popularity. Now that people are becoming more eco-minded and trying to lead sustainable lives, quite a substantial chunk of the general public are eschewing meats and dairy in favor of plant-based foods. Beef is out and beans are in!

This isn’t surprising in countries such as the United States, but what about in the land of the Wurst, Germany? In fact, the stereotype of the sausage-loving Germany might be about to be turned right on its head. The country is actually the global leader when it comes to vegan product development!

This is amazing news for vegan brands as it shows that Germany could be a great market for them to enter. But have the ones who have already tried to penetrate this market managed to develop a loyal and dedicated audience yet? This was something that got us curious, so we decided to investigate further. To do that, we surveyed 1,000 Germans during June 2019 to see which vegan food brands they were aware of and which ones they would consider using.

Germany and Vegan Food Brands—The Results Are In

The Best Ranking Vegan Food Brands for Brand Awareness in Germany

Alpro comes out on top!

We asked the general population whether they were aware of some of the biggest vegan food brands. We provided them with a list of vegan food brands and these were the results. Alpro came top as 74% of respondents had heard of it. The Belgian brand is miles ahead of local German brands, unusual as Germans tend to stick to home products. 33% knew Simply V and 27% were aware of Veganz. The bottom three brands were Made with Luve (12%), Oatly (9%), and Naturli (8%).

Alpro are obviously doing something right in regards to brand marketing in Germany. The other brands should take note and see where they can incorporate some of their main competitor's tactics into their own brand awareness campaigns.

Oatly, Naturli, and the others - it's time to promote yourself more.

The Best Ranking Vegan Food Brands for Brand Consideration in Germany

Alpro takes the top spot once more - but its competitors are catching up

Next, we took a look at how many of those participants would consider using the brands. This is where things change a bit.

Once again, Alpro was top as 75% of respondents said they’d consider it. Veganz was next with 62% of respondents saying they would also consider using the brand. Oatly came third (61%) followed by Simply V (54%). Almost half of the respondents said they would consider Made with Luve (51%) and Naturli (50%).

As you can see, Alpro is the only brand that comes away with a consistent score for brand awareness and brand consideration. However, with most of the others, there is around a 30% difference between their brand consideration and awareness scores.

In the brand awareness results, Simply V and Veganz come in second and third respectively. However, they are still quite some distance from Alpro’s top score of 74%. It’s still fair to say that Simply V and Veganz are doing a lot better than the other brands when it comes to brand awareness, though.

Brands should also bear in mind that the percentages shown in the chart above for brand consideration are based off the number of respondents who indicated awareness of the brand. For example, 27% of respondents are aware of Veganz. 62% of those 27% would consider purchasing the brand. Considering the Alpro has approximately three times more brand awareness than Veganz, the closer brand consideration scores don't mean much when translated to sales.

Looking Deeper into Vegan Food Brands - Niche Audiences

We thought we would then look into our participants’ locations to see if they had any influence over the results. We wanted to know if the love of vegan food brands is a city thing considering Berlin is often labelled the “vegan capital of the world”. However, when we did split things up and took a look at Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich⁠—Germany’s three biggest cities⁠—we saw that there was not much difference in each brands’ awareness and consideration results. Things didn’t change when we compared them to other cities and rural locations either.

One other curious thing to note was that there was again no change in the results when we looked closer at participants’ ages and gender.

Vegan Food Brands⁠ - For All Demographics

On the face of it, it does look like vegan brands have it very easy. They are open to many different demographics. So, they can take advantage of a potentially very wide target audience!

There is one aspect that these brands do need to be aware of still⁠—competition from each other! As we saw from the results, Alpro is leading the way in terms of brand awareness. That shouldn’t be such a huge obstacle to overcome if the other brands know exactly what they need to do to outperform their closest competitors. Therefore, it is worth it for them to closely monitor Alpro's brand campaigns and the impact they have in order to find areas which can be replicated to gain more success.

Remember, regardless of what type of brand you have or what your market is, having the right brand awareness strategy put in place is going to be what makes or breaks you as you try to grow. If you are a brand marketer for one of these brands or another, then give Latana a call and we can help you get all the insights you need to take out the competition!

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