May 2, 2019

What is the Difference Between Amazon and Latana Brand Analytics?

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Joy Corkery

Are you a brand manager who has seen the term "brand analytics" thrown around a lot lately? Wondering what the difference between the two most popular is: Amazon Brand Analytics and Latana Brand Analytics? Well, you've come to the right place.

At one stage, everybody was talking about brand tracking: what it is and what it can do. Sure, weren’t we the same ourselves with our previous BrandTracker platform (may it rest in peace). However, nowadays, it is all about brand analytics. We’re talking about brand analytics too because we are happy to be one of the first companies on the market launching this wonderful new concept. But there is a catch.

Brand analytics means different things to different people. If you want to know more about how we perceive brand analytics, you can read this article. Now, the other main contender working with brand analytics is Amazon. Not gonna lie, their concept of brand analytics looks great. But it is not the same as what we are doing. Yes, it is geared toward brands and it offers actionable insights, but that’s where the similarities end.

To avoid confusion for brands, we thought it would be an excellent idea to explain the different versions of brand analytics. This article is going to do just that using the nifty yellow infographic below. Enjoy!

Latana Amazon Brand Analytics Comparison

The Definition of Brand Analytics

Amazon: Brand Analytics is a feature that contains valuable insights to empower Brand Owners to make informed, strategic decisions about their product portfolio and marketing/advertising activities.

Latana: Brand analytics is a means of continuously and precisely measuring brand health via audience brand metrics by using advanced data science and large data sets.

Who Brand Analytics is For

Amazon: Brand analytics is for people who sell a brand on Amazon.

Latana: Brand analytics is for brand managers interested in tracking brand performance.

What Does Brand Analytics Provide

Amazon: Brand analytics provides valuable insights to enable strategic decisions about product portfolio and marketing/advertising activities.

Latana: Brand analytics provides valuable insights that can serve as the basis of future marketing decisions.

What Data Can Brand Analytics Users View

Amazon: Brand analytics users can view popular keywords and the percentage of clicks received for a specific search term.

Latana: Brand analytics users can view how their brand and competitor brands are performing in terms of aided brand awareness, unaided brand awareness, brand perception and brand consideration.

What Can Be Identified Using Brand Analytics

Amazon: Brand analytics can be used to identify top drivers of total sales.

Latana: Brand analytics can be used to identify target audience performance.

Tell Me One More Thing About Brand Analytics

Amazon: Brand analytics can be used for keyword research.

Latana: Brand analytics can be used for audience research.

There you go, two platforms offering a similar service in name, but in reality, are two different things. If you are a brand manager who wants to track brand awareness, discover what your target audience thinks of you, and see how your competitors compare, you can reach out to us here at Latana. If you are a seller and think Amazon brand analytics is more your thing, you can learn more about Amazon’s offer here.


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