Why Brand Identity is Essential to Growing Your Company


Laura Harker

Considering launching a company but skipping out on the brand identity element for now? Big mistake. This article is going to tell you why branding is essential for company growth.

Brand Identity Done Right

As a top marketer, I’m sure you’re used to solving a myriad of problems, from content issues to stumbling blocks with your SEO. There are some issues that can prove a little trickier to come to terms with though, such as company branding. In fact, some marketers regularly neglect branding as they just don’t understand the importance of it.

But why does brand identity pose such a difficulty to marketers? One of the biggies is that they don’t want to use any resources in this area, not brand analytics, not traditional brand tracking - nothing. As well as that, some marketing managers believe that it’s super difficult to track progress correctly and joke that you need to be a mind reader in order to get it right.

If you’ve had all of these thoughts about your brand identity, then this blog post is dedicated to you. Read on to find out why your company’s branding is crucial.

Without Good Brand Identity, You’ll Never Be Recognized

Your business’ logos and colors will help to make your brand highly recognizable. Everybody knows the blue and yellow of Ikea and Coca Cola’s iconic red. As soon as someone sees your color palette together with your logo, they’ll instantly realize that they’re looking at you and your company.

Picture of a Coca Cola phone cover

Don’t worry about the general public getting sick of seeing your brand everywhere. This is actually something to be embraced as continued recognition will lead to trust. So, the more people see you and recognize you, the sooner you can build the public’s trust in your brand. Before you know it, you’ll have become a household name!

If you don’t think that your brand currently offers you good recognition, here are some things you can change:

  • Train your team. Everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to brand identity. If your employees keep on getting it wrong, then your customers will never recognize the branding.
  • Create a new logo. This needs to reflect your business’s message and values. Don’t just take your brand identity’s colors for granted either. Bright colors that suit your company will make a huge impact.
  • Come up with a new company name. Are you sure your current name is pulling its weight? Find out more about choosing a new name here.

Latana Logo
Latana Logo

Consistency Will Boost Your Brand Identity

Once you’ve created your new brand identity, you will need to ensure that there is consistency across the board. Make sure your team are all briefed by creating some branding guidelines that they should always follow. If everyone goes rogue and does their own thing, your brand will be majorly flawed with inconsistencies, which will completely damage any trust that your customers had in you.

Here’s a secret that will help you stay consistent throughout your whole brand identity: define your target audience. Once you know who your brand needs to appeal to, create an audience persona. If you share this persona with your marketing team, then everyone can always have in mind who they are trying to appeal to with any new campaigns, strategies, and publications.

Cartoon image of people discussing
Inform your employees of your brand identity

A Poor Brand Identity Will Sink Your Revenues

A good brand leads to plenty of recognition, which should hopefully help with your company’s word-of-mouth recommendations. As your branding will clearly stick in your customers’ minds, they won’t have to think twice when an acquaintance asks them for some suggestions – your company’s name will drop right off their tongue!

But how would that situation play out if a customer couldn’t remember your brand at all? When someone approaches them for a recommendation, they’re not very likely to offer your company as a suggestion as they’ll have forgotten all about you. If you lose any sales through word of mouth this way, it’s a portion of your revenue going straight down the drain.

Make sure you don’t lose out on . revenue by actioning all of the points already mentioned in this blog post right away. Then you’ll have a company with a very credible public face and will be able to watch your profits and revenues climb upwards.

Never Neglect Your Branding Again

As you can see then, your company’s brand identity is extremely important for a number of reasons. When you invest wisely into it, it can, in fact, bring you very tangible results. And even though some entrepreneurs out there might still disagree, it certainly is something that you can effectively track. When tracked properly, you’ll be rewarded with very precise insights into previous campaigns that you can put to work in future marketing projects.

It’s time to prove the naysayers wrong and create a strong brand identity that can really help your company shine. Contact us today to find out how brand analytics can help you build your brand.