How to Use a Brand Analytics Platform [Guide]


Joy Corkery

Brand analytics is the future of brand tracking. We've created a product that reflects this that is accurate, accessible, and reliable. Our latest guide explains how to use a brand analytics platform for accelerated brand growth.

Never, ever get overwhelmed by Latana’s brand analytics platform. Our engineers have put hours and hours into making sure data is presented on an easy-to-use, intuitive scale. We also risked arthritis in our hands to ensure that a step-by-step guide is in place just in case you run into any problems (although you can also give us a shout if you have any questions). Without any further ado, we present a guide to the brand tracker of the future: Latana’s brand analytics platform.

Please note that the data included has been created for the purpose of this article and does not reflect any brands mentioned.

Brand Insights

First thing’s first, log in.

When you log into the platform, you will see this screen:

Latana Brand Analytics Platform Home Screen

This is the “Brand View” section of the platform and it is where you will go to see individual insights about your own brand and competitor brands. You know you are in the right place if the “Brand View” tab is a dazzling shade of yellow.

The first insights you will see are for your own brand and these focus on the four most important KPIs. You will see the percentage of your target audience which:

  • Expressed knowledge of your brand without being prompted (aided brand awareness)
  • Expressed knowledge of your brand by selecting your brand name from a list of competitors (unaided brand awareness)
  • Out of the people who know your brand, how many would consider buying from you (brand consideration)

Plus, you also see:

  • Which attributes your target audience associate with your brand

Here is what this information looks like:

Latana Brand Analytics Platform Brand View

Right underneath the KPIs is a line which, at first glance, looks pretty boring but is actually super cool. It’s a time toggle. It allows you to change the results for the four KPIs depending on the time frame and essentially track changes over time. How does it feel to have the power of time change in your hands?

Latana Brand Analytics Platform Time Toggle

Click on the time toggle to:

  • Compare quarterly data
  • See how much your KPIs have changed between the first and the last time points

When you are comparing time frames remember that the big white bubble shows the current results, while the smaller, more colourful section at the bottom of the bubble shows the growth difference between the earliest and the latest quarter within the time frame you have chosen. Like below.

Latana Brand Analytics Platform Changes Over Time

At the top half of the page, you can also toggle between your brand and competitor brands in the same view. All you need to do is click the little arrows shown in the picture below to change the insights you are viewing.

Latana Brand Analytics Brand Toggle

Also in this jazzy yellow top section, you can change insights between your various target audiences using a good ol’ tried and tested dropdown menu. You can achieve the same effect by clicking on the bigger arrows sitting to the right and left of the screen.

Latana Brand Analytics Platform Audience Toggle

There is one more cool feature you can work with at the top of the page (spoiler alert: it is the comparison view) but let’s first scroll down and unveil the audience list.

Audience List

The section you see below is our audience list.

Latana Brand Analytics Platform Audience List

Here, you can see insights for the four KPIs on an audience level. The different audiences are laid next to each other so it is easy to scan across the page to compare individual KPIs across audiences.

Attached to the audience list you will also find the audience builder. We call it an audience builder because, well, it’s an audience builder. Here, you can create your own audiences for which you see insights based on the four KPIs. To build your own audience, click the + on the righthand side of the page.

Latana Brand Analytuics Build Audience

You will be greeted by this pop-up:

Latana Brand Analytics Audience Builder

You can choose different variables from the groups "age", "gender", "income level", "education level" and "location". There is also the chance to add a custom variable. This custom variable can be anything you want from people who travel a lot to people interested in books or Pinterest users. Here is a list of the custom variables we currently offer but you are not restricted; the options are endless.

Don't forget to give your audience a name! Then click “Create Audience” and see the KPIs for your custom audience.

Latana Brand Analytics New Audience

The audiences you create are not set in stone. Just click “Edit” at the top righthand corner of each audience to make changes.

Comparison View

Let’s move onto the comparison view. Click the “Comparison View” tab at the top of the page to make it a bright yellow and to release even more brand insights.

Latana Brand Analytics Platform Comparison View

In this view, the platform takes all the brands you have been tracking and compares them in a chart.

Latana Brand Analytics Platform Brand Comparison

You can filter by audience using the next dropdown menu.

Latana Brand Analytics Platform Audience Filter

And you can filter by aided brand awareness, unaided brand awareness and brand consideration by using the final dropdown menu.

Latana Brand Analytics Platform KPI Filter

Like in the brand view, there is also a time toggle here. You can use the time toggle to see the growth or (hopefully not) decline across the timeframe chosen. Also, like before, the percentage in the white box shows the current results, while the blue box shows the difference between the first and last time points.

Below, the audience builder has the same layout as in the brand view.

Some other little things you should know.

If you are using Latana in more than one market, you can see data for each different market by using the dropdown menu at the very top of the page.

Latana Brand Analytics Market Filter

Also, it is possible to export data from the platform by clicking ”Export CSV”.

Latana Brand Analytics Platform Export CSV

What Can You Do With Your Brand Analytics Data?

Get brand data like never before

You will be able to measure and track the growth of your brand awareness. This is the case for both aided and unaided brand performance. Our accurate data will allow you to see the real-world impact of your marketing activities!

Get inside the mind of your audience

Gone are the days of second-guessing. You will be able to understand exactly what your target audience (or target audiences if you have them!) think of your brand. It is interesting to see if your brand communication lines up with what they actually feel.

Plus, you can also track 1000s of audiences, as general or as niche as you like. You can use the insights provided by Latana to understand how audiences respond to your brand, to change up your marketing strategy, or discover new target audiences to reach out to. We say be greedy. Use the insights for everything!

Take on competitors

Everything you can track for your own brand, you can track for your competitors too. Don’t worry, it’s all legal. You can use the insights into your competitors to learn from their mistakes, build on their success, and outperform them.

Build a better brand strategy

Ultimately, you can round up everything that you learn from our brand analytics to build a better strategy. That is: dismiss campaigns that are not working; carry on successful campaigns; build campaigns better suited to your audience; find new audiences; take on competitors in a more informed way. Perfect!

If you are already a Latana subscriber, thank you! If you have any feedback or suggestions on our brand analytics platform, please send an email to If you haven’t already signed up but feel Latana would benefit your brand, contact us today.