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At Latana, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in brand. Everyone is guessing.

Brand is the most important asset for many companies, and yet only vaguely understood. Consumer firms spend more than one trillion dollars a year on marketing and advertising, yet build their campaigns based on gut feelings rather than a data-driven approach. Why? Because brand marketers don’t have their own analytics tool stack. We are here to change that.

Latana’s brand analytics is for brand marketers what Google Analytics is for digital marketers. It provides them with an intuitive dashboard where they can track brand performance across target audiences, campaign impact, and how the competition is performing. We provide our customers with the means to tailor marketing campaigns for their audiences and improve brand performance - leading to faster growth, lower acquisition costs, and improved retention.

Latana STORY

Meet the Latana Team

Picture of Tyler Walden

Tyler Walden

Customer Success Manager
Tyler's greatest pleasure is ensuring our customers can leverage Latana data to achieve success and grow their brand.
Picture of Rytis Jakubauskas

Rytis Jakubauskas

General Manager
Rytis is a man with a plan. He drives Latana’a strategic vision and leads daily operations.
Picture of Korbinian Oswald

Neslihan Sener

Data Analyst
Neslihan is MRP. She is the brains behind what you need: quality and insightful brand tracking data.
Picture of Ricardo Valeriano

Ricardo Valeriano

Senior Backend Engineer
Ricardo fearlessly leads our engineering team and is responsible for Latana’s technology.
Picture of Omar Benseddik

Omar Benseddik

Business Development
Omar could sell ice in the Antarctic - but he spends his time bringing advanced brand tracking to the masses instead.
Picture of Bella Wu

Bella Wu

Product Manager
Bella knows what brand managers need before even they do and translates that into a product vision, strategy, and roadmap.
Picture of Joy Corkery

Joy Corkery

Content Marketing Lead
Joy is Latana’s very own Shakespeare. That’s if Shakespeare ever wrote about brand. Which we are sure he did...
Picture of Fred DeVeaux

Andreas Bundi

Talent Acquisition Lead
Andreas leaves no stone unturned in his global search for the best talent to add to an already-prodigious Latana crew.
Picture of Christoph Doelitzsch

John Ferreira

Product Designer
John is part philosopher, part mason. He uses design philosophy bridge between business hypothesis and client needs.
Picture of Peter Gardus

Peter Gardus

Digital Marketing Manager
Peter is Latana’s gossip. He spends his days spreading the word about Latana online and getting people curious enough to come visit.
Picture of Anna Shishlyakova

Sabina Radziush

Sr. QA Engineer
Sabina keeps us on our toes. There is no corner left unchecked when she gets hold of our software.
Picture of ATarek Abdalfatah

Tarek Abdalfatah

Backend Developer
Tarek is the logical one amongst us. Would we function as well without him? Probably not.

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