Brand Tracking

Helping B2C companies understand their target audience and make better marketing decisions.

Measure Campaign Impact

Reliably measure how your campaigns impact brand awareness over time.

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«Latana is a precise brand tracker that helped us prove our campaigns' impact on brand awareness»

Bobby Richardson, Offline Marketing Lead, Blinkist

Brand perception illustration from Latana brand tracking

Grasp Brand Perception

See how target audiences perceive your brand and how they convert through the brand funnel.

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«Latana helps us better reach our target audience and improve our brand strategy»

Jarno Nousianen, Senior Researcher & Product Lead, Holvi

Track the Competition

Understand how you fare against key competitors for your target audiences.

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«Latana allows us to see how we fare for our target audience and against our regional competitors»

Felix Ecke, Marketing Manager German, AirHelp

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«We love working with the Latana brand tracker to analyze data. It allows us to prove the value of brand advertising and given us an understanding of the maturity of our product/brand across different markets»
Ruth Chadwick, Brand Strategist, Headspace
Ruth Chadwick, Brand Strategist, Headspace

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