You vs. Competition

You run offline campaigns and dont know
whether these work? We can help

Understand where you stand in terms of awareness and who is top of mind for your target audience?

Which audiences are your strongest competitors doing the best in?

Find out how your competitors are perceived among your and their target audiences, learn from that

✔︎ Understand which audiences to target
✔︎ Improve your differentiation strategy
✔︎ Make better marketing decisions

«Latana helped us see where we stand with the brand»

Global Heatmap

✔︎ Analysing entire markets, full national view
✔︎ Still ability to zoom in to all demographics

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Highly precise insights, down to 2%:

✔︎ use MRP
✔︎ use large datasets

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Built to measure campaign impact:

✔︎ using MRP
✔︎ reducing noise, sample stable

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