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Our brand tracker provides regular new and insightful insights. Access at any time to monitor brand performance and create and analyse custom audiences.

Authentic Brand Analysis in 3 Easy Steps

1. Tell us what you want to analyse

Kick-off is simple! We connect you to an Account Manager and all you need to provide is a list of the brands, markets, and target audiences you want to analyse.

Latana brand tracking software brand analysis

2. Data collection begins

We start collecting brand data based on essential KPIs, all the time ensuring quality and controlling real world changes. Plus, we continually deliver. One kick off = numerous results.

Latana brand tracking software data collection

3. Analyse results and create new audiences

Results are in! Log into Latana to analyse your results. See how your actions impacted consumers and start building a better brand strategy.

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What You Can Access

Latana Markets

Latana can access most of the world’s population in more than 100 countries. Amazing! So, no matter if your brand operates in one market or across 55, we can help you understand local brand perception and improve your brand strategy.

We can connect to inhabitants of any of these countries quickly - which means you can too. All you have to do is tell us which markets you want to analyse. We can be as flexible as you need and your first choice isn’t bound in chains. It’s possible to expand your reach further down the line.

Latana brand tracking software markets

Latana Brands

Become the world’s number one snoop with Latana. Kidding! But you can effectively track how your main competitors’ branding is resonating with audiences by monitoring the market. *Disclaimer* We can’t provide access to competitor budgets, strategies or secret recipes. But, we can show how competitors compare in terms of brand awareness, brand consideration, and brand associations.

The number of brands compared per country can differ depending on your needs. As a starting point, we provide your brand and 5 competitor brands.

Our data will help you understand how key competitors are performing within your target audiences and how you fare against them. The time usually spent digging for this information can now be spent developing marketing campaigns that will smash the competition! Cool, huh?

Latana brand tracking software markets

Latana Audiences

Audience measurement is an important element of brand tracking - and one where you can have most fun. Let us show you how:

Every Latana user gets insights on 5 key demographics:

Latana brand tracking software age icon


Latana brand tracking software gender icon


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Latana brand tracking software education icon


Latana brand tracking software geography icon


These 5 demographics are the starting point for the all-important granular insights. Using these as a basis, you can target and track different consumer segments. You can measure the impact your brand has across relevant audiences and find out where it performs the best.

You are not restricted to measuring just the 5 demographics listed above. Take things further by creating a new audience by adding a custom audience characteristic

- Frequent travelers
- Parents
- Students
- Car owners
- Berliners

are among the many, many characteristics available.

But wait, there’s more! Combine the different characteristics to create your own audiences! 

Latana brand tracking software Audience Builder

Even more so, you can delve into specific audiences and compare them.

39 year old women in Berlin
Cartoon woman
39 year old women in London
Cartoon woman sitting on ball
Cartoon man sitting down
Highly educated men in London
Cartoon woman in yoga pose
Highly educated women in London

All demographic characteristics can be combined with another characteristic and analysed in depth. Want to know if women in New York appreciate yoga? No problem! Or if older generation males in Tokyo enjoy reading apps? Easy! Niche audiences are no problem for Latana!

Feeding You With Quality Information

Our brand tracking software provides precise, accurate data in the areas that matter most:

Unaided Brand Awareness

See if your target audience expresses knowledge of your brand without being prompted.

Aided Brand Awareness

Discover if your target audience indicates knowledge of your brand by selecting your brand name from a list of competitors.

Brand Consideration

Find out who in your target audience would consider buying from your brand.

Brand Associations

Learn which attributes your target audience associate with your brand.

Why focus on these areas especially? Well, they reflect the KPIs brands are most aware of and want to approve. Plus, they cover both the quantitative and qualitative part of the brand. Essentially, you won’t find any other KPIs more at the heart of measuring brand performance. They require constant monitoring, while other consumer insights can be gathered sporadically.

Let us do hard work for you!

How We Do It

We’re able to provide this information thanks to our friend Multilevel Regression and Poststratification, also known by the more pronounceable name of MRP. With MRP, we can present precise values for all audiences, even the most niche ones.

You gain the trustworthy information needed to be able to define your own audiences, focus on your target group, and gradually expand to wider audiences. It’s like magic, except real.

Learn More About MRP
Latana brand tracking software MRP