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Where we get brand tracking data


Where We Get Our Data

Latana sits under the Dalia Research umbrella. Dalia is a powerful survey engine for real-time market and opinion research. What is amazing about Dalia is that its platform can be integrated into anything from freemium apps to web advertisements and custom target approaches.

sampling via mobile devices for brand tracking


Online Sampling

Dalia basically does online sampling on mobile devices. We will get to the aspect of the mobile devices later on. For now, let’s focus on online sampling and, more specifically, why Dalia uses global sampling.

Gathering data via surveys for brand tracking


How the Survey System Works

Dalia utilizes its partnership with publishers i.e. companies that own apps or websites and/or operate large networks of apps or websites. Our network includes any app or website you can think of from gaming to utilities and beyond. Surveys are placed on the apps or websites of the publishers, where their users are incentivized to complete the survey. These incentives can be monetary or non-monetary (e.g. receive 20 gold coins on a gaming app in return for a survey completion). In turn, the publisher is paid every time a user completes a survey.

Where we get users from:

Where brand trackers get users from Line



Our users come from numerous apps and websites worldwide. Here are some examples:

Line is a messaging app that has over 217 million monthly active users and is one of the most highly used messaging apps in the world.  Line offers “LINE Points”, a service through which users can earn points and virtual currency by watching content, taking surveys, and adding official accounts as friends. With this feature, users can access Latana’s surveys and gain points for completing the survey.

Where brand trackers get users from Yuno



One example is our very own online survey panel, Yuno. Yuno is advertised via Google and Facebook, or can be found online at Users sign up to Yuno using their email address and phone number and from there on, complete surveys.

Brand tracking data focused on user experience


Focused on User Experience

Concentration is on good user experience so high-quality survey data can be received. Several elements make up a good user experience

Brand tracking data quality


Data Quality

Gathering survey respondents isn’t enough. We take a step further to ensure you receive only quality data. We do this by dynamically profiling each potential respondent across key demographic, psychographic, and behavioural attributes.

Brand tracking data quality


Where We Control For Real World Changes

We don’t do random. We do precise and accurate. Therefore, any changes you might see are based on real-world changes because we take the time to control our sample for a large number of variables.


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