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Case Study:

Increasing Niche Brand Awareness with Advanced Brand Tracking

Holvi use Latana to ensure their marketing campaigns are positively impacting their target audience


Holvi is a digital banking service for freelancers and small business owners. With unique money management tools built specifically for micro-scale businesses, Holvi’s platform makes it possible for self-employed individuals to work smarter not harder. 

Latana is a brand tracking platform that revolutionized the world of campaign management. Gone are the days of investing big budgets into branding and being unsure if it is money well spent. By providing trusted insights for even the most targeted of niches, brand managers can make smarter decisions about their marketing efforts.

Bobby Richardson
Jarno Nousianinen
Senior Researcher & Product Owner
"Our marketing team continually log into Latana to check how Holvi brand awareness levels and how we are performing in comparison to our competitors. The data really helps them grow Holvi."

The Challenge

Holvi unsuccessfully used in-house and third-party brand tracking for years. They just weren’t getting big-picture results they could use. In particular, Holvi struggled to reach their target audience: freelancers, contractors, and other self-employed workers. With such niche audiences was difficult to find an accurate sample within their small niche. Ultimately, this niche was challenging to monitor, especially over long periods of time. After trying to record progress in-house and through traditional research agencies, Holvi needed a real change in how they leverage audience data.

The Solution

Holvi were in the market for brand tracking software that would help them reach their niche target audience. After failing to gain insights about their audience in-house and via other brand tracking tools, Jarno was introduced by a friend to Latana. He was immediately captivated by Latana’s new approach to brand tracking, Multilevel Regression and Poststratification. This advanced data science method and its ability to use past data to predict the future was exactly what Holvi needed to drive real results and reach their target audiences. 

In addition, as a performance-oriented company, Holvi is interested in the statistics behind their campaigns. It’s not enough to simply say there’s an increased brand awareness. They wanted to see real results. Latana offered comprehensive tracking to empower the decision-makers at Holvi to make smarter marketing choices. They decided to run a pilot with Latana in Finland and Germany.

The Results

Holvi quickly saw a difference in their brand tracking. They began their work with Latana by testing in 2 key markets, Finland and Germany. 

The results were comprehensive. For the first time, they had a strong understanding of their progress in Germany and Finland. Before Latana, Holvi struggled to find its footing in a highly niche market. With consumers who were both businesses and individuals, it wasn’t easy to find accurate sample data. Now, they have access to the Latana dashboard, complete with real-time statistics that are always evolving. They can monitor not only their progress in brand awareness, brand consideration, and brand associations for their target audiences, but also their competitors’ progress to see where they can improve. Most importantly, Holvi now can answer big questions about their marketing. Are their target audiences actually aware of their brand? Did their last brand campaign have an impact on these audiences? Did this impact help them catch-up with their main competitors and/or gain a bigger lead on them? Most importantly, they can create real change based on trusted insights.

What Next?

Holvi now has a trusted understanding of their micro-entrepreneur audience and where to take their next efforts next. Eight team members continually log into the Latana dashboard to check brand awareness levels in Germany and Finland, as well as how Holvi are performing in comparison to the competition. As Holvi are now beginning a second round of research in Germany, and their marketers heavily rely on the Latana system when tracking brand awareness for in-house campaigns.

More Testimonials

Through our research, Blinkist can now confidently move ahead knowing that they are reaching the audience they are aiming for. However, the results have also helped Blinkist identify gaps that they were not previously aware of. They now know that their messaging isn’t resonating as well with certain groups, especially in terms of TV advertising, which is still reaching their target audience to some extent. Based off these results, Blinkist has decided that, going forward, they will continue to use Latana to build a picture of its brand awareness in different audience groups, while also producing some new advertising that resonates with the groups that currently have low brand awareness.

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