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Track Brand Performance

Holvi successfully measured brand performance and accelerated growth


Holvi is a digital banking service for freelancers and small business owners. With unique money management tools built specifically for micro-scale businesses, Holvi’s platform makes it possible for self-employed individuals to work smarter, not harder. 

Latana is a brand tracking platform that revolutionized the world of campaign management. Gone are the days of investing big budgets into branding and being unsure if it is money well spent. By providing trusted insights for even the most targeted of niches, brand managers can make smarter decisions about their marketing efforts.

Bobby Richardson
Jarno Nousianinen
Senior Researcher & Product Owner
"Our marketing team continually log into Latana to check how Holvi is performing in terms of brand awareness in comparison to our competitors. The data really helps them grow Holvi."

The Challenge

Holvi had one big issue that was constraining growth: their target audience of micro-businesses was hard to reach and track. Despite previously using in-house and third-party brand tracking methods, they weren’t able to get the data they needed. Holvi’s brand campaigns were shooting blind. Without being able to track their audience and measure brand perception, they were unable to accelerate growth in their space and overtake the competition.

The Solution

Holvi needed a tool that could reach highly specific target audiences. They chose Latana Brand Tracking because it uses advanced data science called Multilevel Regression and Poststratification (MRP) that is exceptional in tracking niche audiences.

As the Latana platform works by constantly polling the target audience and the general public, Holvi knew they would be able to work with past and present data to create accurate predictions for the future. It was a benefit for them not having to rely on a large sample size, something not possible with a very niche audience.

The Results

Latana Brand Tracking and Analytics immediately enabled Holvi to measure brand perception for their niche audiences in Finland and Germany. The MRP-based brand tracking meant they could see how varying segments of their audience perceive them differently e.g. freelancers who use Instagram versus those who use Facebook. 

By using Latana’s intuitive dashboard, the Holvi team can also now get granular insights that are very accurate compared to traditional methods.

Now Holvi continually adjusts its marketing strategy based on the new insights they have at their disposal. They are using the granular insights to pick up on changes that result from their campaigns. This would not have been possible for them without Latana. 

Based on learnings from their first rounds of brand tracking with Latana, Holvi launched a big out-of-home campaign. Holvi now also has an improved marketing strategy that is better at driving brand value and fostering growth. 

Key Findings Using Latana’s Brand Tracking Software:

- Confirmation they are reaching their target audience

- An overall increase in brand perception for Holvi’s target audience in Finland and Germany

- Granular insights showing impact from brand campaigns

More Testimonials

Through our research, Blinkist can now confidently move ahead knowing that they are reaching the audience they are aiming for. However, the results have also helped Blinkist identify gaps that they were not previously aware of. They now know that their messaging isn’t resonating as well with certain groups, especially in terms of TV advertising, which is still reaching their target audience to some extent. Based off these results, Blinkist has decided that, going forward, they will continue to use Latana to build a picture of its brand awareness in different audience groups, while also producing some new advertising that resonates with the groups that currently have low brand awareness.

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