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Case Study:

Tracking Brand Campaigns to Analyze Effect on Performance

Headspace used MRP-based brand tracking to track a brand campaign in Germany and prove its positive effect on aided brand awareness.


Headspace is a mindfulness app with the aim to improve the health and happiness of the world. They currently have millions of users in more than 190 countries worldwide. 

Latana is a brand tracking company that uses advanced data science to provide accurate data on brand performance. The platform helps brands get inside the minds of their target audience so they can make better decisions and grow their brand.

Bobby Richardson
Ruth Chadwick
Brand Strategist at Headspace
“Latana have produced a product that is really helpful in analyzing data. It has allowed us to prove the value of brand advertising and given us an understanding of the maturity of our product/brand across different markets”.

The Challenge

Headspace is one of the fastest growing apps, with 1 million new users in Europe only 4 weeks after their launch. They were looking for a brand tracker that would not only help them track brand performance, but also provide accurate data that would determine if their brand campaigns were having a positive effect. Here'e how Latana helped them get the data they needed and make a bigger leap into brand marketing.

The Solution

Headspace knew that they wanted to diversify their marketing approach more toward branding and that a brand tracker would be vital tool in doing so. However, they weren't sure which brand tracker would best suit their needs. Latana was recommended to Ruth Chadwick, Brand Strategist, by a colleague. After much research into competitor brand trackers, Latana prevailed the winner.


Headspace chose Latana because "it was more suitable for a tech brand". She was impressed that Latana offered more granular and reliable data than existing tracking solutions. The intuitive dashboard delivery that would allow her to segment different audiences sealed the deal.

The Results

Across Q1 and Q2 2019, Latana ran brand tracking campaigns for Headspace in Germany, France, and Spain. Headspace was happy to see that data gathered in Germany showed an uplift in brand awareness scores that were in line with brand campaign activity. This was compared to Spain and France, where they didn’t do any brand marketing. Here, there was a less visible increase in brand awareness scores. The data also confirmed that they did reach their target audiences.

Beyond this, Headspace was able to dig deeper and pinpoint the niche audiences who were becoming more aware of their brand.

What Next?

Latana used MRP to help Headspace prove the value of their brand advertising and to better garner the maturity of their brand across various markets. This information has helped Headspace make the leap to diversify their marketing approach. They will continue to use Latana to track current markets and also use it for any new market launches. They will also potentially roll it out across some of their existing strong markets where they do not currently run any brand tracking.

More Testimonials

Through our research, Blinkist can now confidently move ahead knowing that they are reaching the audience they are aiming for. However, the results have also helped Blinkist identify gaps that they were not previously aware of. They now know that their messaging isn’t resonating as well with certain groups, especially in terms of TV advertising, which is still reaching their target audience to some extent. Based off these results, Blinkist has decided that, going forward, they will continue to use Latana to build a picture of its brand awareness in different audience groups, while also producing some new advertising that resonates with the groups that currently have low brand awareness.

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