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Case Study:

Measuring Campaign Impact

Blinkist improved the performance of their TV campaigns and brand awareness.


Blinkist was founded in 2012 by four friends who wanted to turn unallocated time into time for learning and reflection. Today, the digital reading app connects 6-million readers worldwide with best-selling, non-fiction text and audio pieces that are consumable in 15 minutes.

Latana is a brand analytics platform that uses advanced data science to provide accurate data on brand performance. It helps fast-growing consumer brands who want to make better marketing decisions.

Bobby Richardson
Bobby Richardson
Offline Marketing Lead
"Using Latana means that we can be confident we are moving in the direction that we want, while also identifying any gaps in our strategy. We’ve never had a solution before that provides such an in-depth makeup of our audience and we love it!”

The Challenge

The goal for Blinkist was simple: to be more competitive within their space. They began running TV campaigns with the goal of increasing brand awareness but were unsure if the campaigns were having the intended effect. Without this information, they ran the risk of wasting millions of dollars on unsuccessful TV campaigns, as well as falling behind competitors who were hitting the mark.

The Solution

Blinkist decided it was time to put their target audience in the center of their TV campaigns. They needed to know if brand awareness levels were positively impacted. Blinkist turned to Latana Brand Tracking to connect with their target audience while the campaigns were running and accurately determine if they were successful in helping them reach their brand awareness goal.

The Results

Latana’s Brand Tracking and Analytics was critical in helping Blinkist confirm an increase in brand awareness due to their TV campaigns in the US, the UK, and Germany. 

A sample size of 12,000, powered by Latana’s algorithmic model, was run from December 2018 to January 2019. Analysis conducted in the US and Germany proved the target audience for Blinkist’s TV campaigns was spot on: ambitious millennials. Of the three countries tracked, the United Kingdom had the lowest brand awareness. 

By using Latana’s insights dashboard, Blinkist was able to dig deeper into the data and learn more about audiences not currently targeted but which were also benefiting from an increase in brand awareness. Generation X was a big surprise for them!  

Blinkist now continues their TV campaigns with confidence having confirmed they are increasing brand awareness in their target audience. This increase is what will drive sales and that’s what matters! 

Key Findings Using Latana’s Brand Tracking Software: 

- Positive impact on overall brand awareness. 

- Highest impact in Germany: 46-55-year-olds who work in startups

- Higher education led to a stronger impact on brand awareness in the 36-55-year-old age group

- The UK market requires more attention

More Testimonials

Through our research, Blinkist can now confidently move ahead knowing that they are reaching the audience they are aiming for. However, the results have also helped Blinkist identify gaps that they were not previously aware of. They now know that their messaging isn’t resonating as well with certain groups, especially in terms of TV advertising, which is still reaching their target audience to some extent. Based off these results, Blinkist has decided that, going forward, they will continue to use Latana to build a picture of its brand awareness in different audience groups, while also producing some new advertising that resonates with the groups that currently have low brand awareness.

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