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Using Data to Understand Specific Audiences and Fuel TV Campaign

AirHelp now has the precise data needed on their target audiences and competitors’ performance in Germany to create better brand campaigns.
“As the global leader in air passenger rights, AirHelp aims at helping travelers all over the world with their flight problems. Latana has helped us a lot to better understand the differences between our different target audiences within the diverse group of travelers, as well as how we fare against our regional competitors. Innovative and easy to use, the platform has helped us confirm hypotheses. We will use this data to improve our brand campaigns even further.”
Bobby Richardson
Felix Ecke
Marketing Manager, Germany

Company Overview

Founded in 2013, AirHelp has grown into the world’s largest air passenger rights advocate, helping more than 13 million passengers to date. AirHelp educates passengers about their rights and helps them to claim compensation for delayed, cancelled, and overbooked flights. 

Latana is a brand tracking company that uses advanced data science to provide accurate data on brand performance. The platform uses analytics style data to help companies get inside the minds of their audience so they can make better decisions and build a better brand.

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The Challenge

Although already the world’s biggest flight compensation company, AirHelp is relatively new to the brand marketing game. After conducting in depth research to confirm that approximately just 13% of people globally know about their travel rights, AirHelp decided to step up their branding game, and make more people aware of the service they offer. In order to do this efficiently, they needed to find a brand tracking solution that provides data on perception and awareness, a brand tracker that is reliable but reasonably priced. In addition, and most importantly, they needed to find a solution that would help them better understand their target audiences and the differences between them, as well as how they currently fare against regional competitor brands.

The Solution

AirHelp found everything they needed in Latana. After having viewed other brand tracking solutions, they decided that Latana offered the expertise they need in terms of reliable brand insights. They were impressed by its ability to scale to the further 20 markets required, while also fitting the role of “new and innovative” the solution needed to fill.

The Results

Latana used its advanced data science method to accurately show where AirHelp sat in comparison to their regional competitors in terms of target audiences, as well as the differences between different audiences, in Germany. 

Target Audiences 

AirHelp were happy to see that the data confirmed that brand awareness is especially high for frequent travellers (those who have made more than two trips in the last year). This important insight meant that they are indeed reaching their target audience and that their brand activities are on track. 

Moreover, AirHelp got detailed insight into its brand awareness across dozens of other audiences. This included information such as that gender has little impact overall in brand awareness levels, information that can be very useful when creating brand campaigns. 


AirHelp found that they were not the only brand seeing an increase in brand awareness. Here again, the company saw that there were significant differences between audiences, as some competitors did better on e.g. the general population, and worse on the core audiences. They also learned that their target audience views them as reliable, more so than other brands. 

Through our research, AirHelp now has reliable and accurate data regarding brand performance within their target audiences and in comparison to their local competitors. AirHelp launched a TV campaign in the first half of August 2019 and have used the data from Latana to create an advertisement that will better target their audiences. In addition, AirHelp will use Latana to continually quality check their branding efforts across different campaigns.

Through our research, Blinkist can now confidently move ahead knowing that they are reaching the audience they are aiming for. However, the results have also helped Blinkist identify gaps that they were not previously aware of. They now know that their messaging isn’t resonating as well with certain groups, especially in terms of TV advertising, which is still reaching their target audience to some extent. Based off these results, Blinkist has decided that, going forward, they will continue to use Latana to build a picture of its brand awareness in different audience groups, while also producing some new advertising that resonates with the groups that currently have low brand awareness.

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