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Uncover Brand Sustainability Perception

How Colgate-Palmolive successfully measured sustainability performance for its Colgate, Hello, and Tom’s of Maine oral care brands

Colgate-Palmolive is an established leader in the FMCG market with a 200-year history selling global brands in over 200 countries and territories. The brand specializes in the production, distribution and provision of household, health care, personal care, and veterinary products.

“Although we were aware of the growing importance of sustainability perception, we had the least visibility into the topic for our core oral care brands. By using Latana, we were able to establish where we stand against the competition, and gain some key consumer insights that will help us better position our brands.”

The Challenge

Colgate-Palmolive Wanted to Gain a Competitive Edge

Colgate-Palmolive wanted to gain a competitive edge in the oral care market. Although their core brands (Colgate, Hello, and Tom’s of Maine) are already among the world’s most recognizable household names, they have the least visibility about their sustainability perception. Colgate-Palmolive faced a challenge familiar to many enterprise companies: their core brand tracker lacked essential knowledge capture on sustainability opportunities and consumer perceptions. Colgate-Palmolive knew that if they wanted to gain a larger market share, they needed to find a tracker that would provide reliable sustainability insights.

The Solution

Colgate-Palmolive Used Latana to Track Sustainability

Colgate-Palmolive used Latana’s Sustainability Tracker to effectively measure consumer behavior and attitudes towards their core oral care category and understand the consumer perceptions of their key brands.

The Result

Colgate-Palmolive Now Understand Their Sustainability Perception

Colgate-Palmolive uncovered key nuances in sustainability perception for their three core brands, Colgate, Hello and Tom’s of Maine. They found that their best performing brand in the area of sustainability perception is Tom’s of Maine, which sat in second place out of a total of 12 brands. Colgate and Hello, sit at fifth and eight positions respectively, indicating that Colgate-Palmolive will have to improve sustainability messaging for these two brands to gain an overall better position in the oral care market.

50% of Respondents Care About Sustainability

The data provided by Latana’s Sustainability Tracker gave Colgate-Palmolive a deeper understanding of their target audiences’ attitudes and behaviors towards sustainability within the oral care category, especially for their four segmentations of natural product consumers: Change Champions, Fuss-Free Familiars, Considered Carers, and Betterment Believers. They learned that within their target audiences, almost 50% of respondents consider it important for an oral care brand to be environmentally sustainable, while 40% of consumers are willing to pay more for oral care products that came environmentally sustainable from brands known to be.

Sustainable Practices Are A Must For Colgate-Palmolive

In addition, Colgate-Palmolive discovered that consumers see it important for oral care brands to use natural ingredients, ensure packaging reinvention and plastic reduction, and eliminate animal testing. Again, they determined these insights as a way to improve their marketing message and gain further dominance in the industry.

Key Findings

Colgate-Palmolive now has reliable and accurate data regarding sustainability brand performance within their target audiences and in comparison to their competitors. They will use these insights to create stronger marketing campaigns that will give them the edge over their competitors when it comes to sustainability.

Tom's of Maine Ranks Second for Sustainability

Colgate-Palmolive brand Tom’s of Maine ranks two out of 12 for sustainability perception, while other brands, Colgate and Hello, sit at fifth and eight positions respectively.

Consumers Consider Sustainability Important

Almost 50% of respondents consider it important for a brand to be environmentally sustainable when buying oral care products.

Consumers Are Willing to Pay More for Sustainable Products

40% of consumers are willing to pay more for oral care products that came from brands known to be environmentally sustainable. The deficit between premium price intention and behavior is actually +4% action.

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