Latana For You

Grow your business by using brand analytics to precisely measure brand performance

Measure the growth of your brand awareness

Track both the aided and unaided performance of your brand and see the real-world impact of your marketing activities. Base future decisions on these insights and be confident your brand is moving in the right direction.

Latana audience comparison

Understand how consumers perceive your brand

Get inside the minds of consumers by tracking brand associations. Determine whether real-world perception is in line with your communication and use the insights to drive your marketing campaigns toward growth.

Brand perception

Measure brand performance across your target audiences

Track brand performance across 1000s of audiences, from the most general to very niche audience personas. Use these insights to understand which audiences respond better to your brand. Segment the data to discover new target audiences and expand your reach.

Latana Audience Measure

Gain from competitor comparison

Track how you fare against the competition in the four most important areas: unaided brand awareness, aided brand awareness, brand consideration, and brand associations. Use these insights to learn from competitor mistakes, build on their success, and ultimately outperform them.

Latana Competitor Comparison