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Grow your business by using brand tracking software to precisely measure brand performance.


Seeing is believing! The Latana brand tracking platform is the key to accurate and reliable insight that measure brand performance across your target audiences. View how your brand is performing in terms of:

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Unaided Brand Awareness
Understand which brands are top of mind for your audience.

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Aided Brand Awareness
Measure how many people know your brand - the most important brand KPI and indicator of success.

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Brand Consideration
Learn what share of the audience knows you and actually considers using you.

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Brand Associations
Find out what consumers associate with your brand and whether this is in line with your differentiation strategy.

You can also see competitor data in these four areas, as well as how they perform within your target audiences and how you fare against them. Bonus!

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Finally, the data you need to confirm if your marketing activities are making an impact on your audience - or not. Connect the dots between your campaigns and brand performance to see what is working and what isn’t.

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Lights, camera, (brand) action! Now you have the data and you’ve connected changes to your campaigns, there is only one thing left to do - use the data! The insights provided by our brand tracking software can be used to tailor marketing campaigns for your target audiences and ultimately improve brand performance.

Don’t stop there! These insights can also be used to discover new audiences and that will fuel your future growth. Use our audience filter to segment data by demographic and unique audience characteristics. We guarantee high precision, even across niche audiences. We do this through innovative data science, called MRP, and access to millions of respondents.

Intrigued? earn more about our intuitive brand tracking dashboard.

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