Hello There! We are Latana

We push boundaries to bring a new level of quality brand analytics to the world.

At our core are authenticity, passion and spirited teamwork.

Our Story

Once upon a time, Latana was a company called BrandTracker. BrandTracker was used by companies to track the health of their brand. It was the seed for new wave brand tracking, brand analytics, if you will.

We had much success with BrandTracker. We:

Brought affordable brand tracking to SMEs

Made it the norm to focus on developing important metrics over time instead of one- time checks

Reduced waiting time for brand insights to 2 weeks as opposed to the 4 weeks competitors offer

We celebrated each success but in the back of our minds was a need to do more. No, a want to do more. We wanted to refocus our efforts on something extremely useful for you and unlike anything else currently on the market. And we succeded.

Today, we bring you Latana: analytics for your brand.

Our platform provides the reliable insights your brand needs to grow. Reliable is the keyword here. We take precision to the next level with large sample sizes and keep over half a dozen variables stable to detect real-world changes, in comparison to keeping only age and gender stable. Because we have an incredible ~4% margin of error - even across niche audiences.

Latana helps you get inside the minds of your audience so you can make better decisions and build a better brand.

We do things differently around here. So can you. With our help, you can:

Understand your brand’s progress over time

Focus on your target audience, while also expanding to wider audiences over time

Learn from your competitors - and gradually beat them in branding activities

Build striking campaigns that connect to your audience

Meet the Team

Picture of Valentine Arkhipov

Valentin Arkhipov

Software Engineer
Picture of Rytis Jakubauskas

Rytis Jakubauskas

Commercial Lead
Picture of Korbinian Oswald

Korbinian Oswald

Data Scientist
Picture of Richard Gould

Richard Gould

Senior Backend Engineer
Picture of Omar Benseddik

Omar Benseddik

Business Development
Picture of Odette Brownings

Odette Brownings

Project Manager
Picture of Joy Corkery

Joy Corkery

Content Marketing Lead
Picture of Fred DeVeaux

Fred DeVeaux

Senior Researcher
Picture of Christoph Doelitzsch

Christoph Doelitzsch

Insights Innovation Lead
Picture of April Matias

April Matias

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
Picture of Anna Shishlyakova

Anna Shishlyakova

Senior Fontend Developer
Picture of Alessandro Caporrini

Alessandro Caporrini

Senior Backend Engineer

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